Line Em Up

Saturday April 13, 2013 : LINE ‘EM UP FROM CANTOR GAMING
Augments mobile casino platform
Cantor Gaming's latest casino game release to its Cantor Mobile Casino platform is titled Line ‘Em Up.
The game is available to patrons of Cantor Gaming's eight Race and Sports Books in Nevada via their mobile device.
The game is described as a modern variation of KENO and features a progressive jackpot.  "Line ‘Em Up™" allows players to select their own numbers, or request a random pick. Players select five numbers between 1 and 24 per line, and can play up to three lines per game. This low-fee, rapid-results game gives players multiple opportunities to win a progressive jackpot. "Line ‘Em Up™" is available in a $0.25 cent denomination.
"We are pleased to announce the release of this innovative new game for Nevada patrons from our popular Cantor Mobile Casino™ platform," said Lee M. Amaitis , President and chief executive officer of Cantor Gaming®. "Line ‘Em Up™ offers a thrilling game with the opportunity to win big, and a progressive jackpot, all in real-time, combining exciting rewards with the latest in mobile technology."