Wednesday August 24,2011 : Aussie stadium will not renew Betfair contract
With the contentious issue of live-odds promotion during sporting events in the cross-hairs of the Australian Government, the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) has banned the activity on its scoreboard during Australian Football League (AFL) fixtures.
A contract held by online betting exchange Betfair to display live-odds on the scoreboard screen at the MCG and Etihad Stadium will run to expiration at the end of the season with no option for renewal said John Wylie, Chairman of the MCG Trust.
Although the promotion of live-odds will be banned, betting agencies that sponsor individual clubs will still be able to advertise themselves at the stadium.
Wylie went on to say, that a “sharp increase in advertising of gambling agents”, with emphasis on live-odds during matches, was of concern to the Trust.
Stephen Gough, chief executive, MCG confirmed an increase in complaints from MCG patrons on the showing of live-odds had prompted the review and subsequent ban.