Lotto Spring Making unauthorised deductions

Punter claims that Lotto Spring made unauthorised deductions from her bank account.
Offshore online lottery operator Lotto Spring is getting a media roasting in Australia after being accused by a punter of unauthorised deductions from her bank account, and allegations that it is not licensed for Aussie operations.
The issue has been exacerbated by the apparent silence of the operator, who is licensed in Curacao and based in the British Virgin Islands, and since November last year has been promoting its lottery product in Australia through press adverts and Facebook activity.
Media reports indicate that the company allows subscribers to bet on the outcomes of other lotteries, such as the EuroMillions draw, rather than entering an actual lottery.
Contacted by the press for comment, the Acting Commissioner for Consumer Protection in Western Australia, David Hillyard, said Lotto Spring does not have the required Australian licence, warning punters:
‘You aren't offered the same protection or guarantees of pay-outs as you are when playing with lawful Australian lotteries and there may be issues in relation to taxation as pay-outs will be coming from overseas.'