CAP founder Lou Fabiano Dies

CAP founder Lou Fabiano was controversial but played a significant role in the affiliate marketing sector
The founder of Casino Affiliate Programs and a top affiliate marketer, Lou Fabiano (47) has died in a Florida Intensive Care Unit only days before his birthday.
Fabiano, who had a heart condition, succumbed to pneumonia, it is understood, leaving his wife Marie and a large family.
Fabiano and his partner Warren Jolly featured prominently in a major bust-up over affiliate relationships and disclosures in 2009, an often public dispute that ultimately resulted in Fabiano leaving the company to pursue other business interests.
A frequently controversial and outspoken figure, Fabiano was widely known as ‘The Professor’ and worked assiduously to improve relationships between affiliate marketers and affiliate programs, turning CAP into a profitable business in the process.

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