Book Keeper Steals From South African Responsible Gaming Foundation

54-year-old alleged to have stolen large amount from South African Responsible Gaming Foundation.
South African media reports are that the former book keeper of the South African Responsible Gaming Foundation, Lucille Booth (54) is negotiating a plea bargain with Cape Town prosecutors regarding multiple fraud charges involving SA Rands 500,764 (about GBP 28,855).
If the parties agree a deal, it will be presented to a magistrate in the Specialised Commercial Crime Court in November for ratification.
Court documents reveal that Booth was employed for several years by the Foundation but was dismissed in 2014 following an external audit.
The charge sheet lists 39 counts of criminal conduct, alleging that Booth, through manipulation of the electronic system, made numerous unauthorised requests for payments totalling R500 764, which she channelled into her own personal bank account.