Free Russian Poker App A Big Hit

No frills Texas Hold'Em presented with good graphics
A new Texas Hold'Em poker app from Russia is currently racking up the downloads from Mail.Ru Games due to its no-nonsense design and surprisingly good graphics.  There's no AI in the offering….just the opportunity to mix it up with other players around the globe who have taken the appealing new app on board.
Branded Poker Arena and launched last month, the latest iteration of the app is supplied free of charge and has been designed with the punter on the move in mind, requiring only a smartphone or tablet, either Android or iOS.
Newbies can improve their performance through the app's tutorial, which simplifies and teaches novices on the basics, along with an adviser avatar that appears when needed to give best options, prompts and tips.
Because the app is cross-platform in nature, users can play not only with other Android/iOS users but social network buddies as well.
Users can buy chips directly in the app to augment the daily allowance of free chips.
The game is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean to cater for the growing numbers of users across the globe.