Matcherino eSport Raises $1.25 million from Vulcan Capital

Friday December 18,2015 :  U.S. E-SPORTS OPERATOR RAISES $1.25 MILLION
Vulcan Capital and angel investors ante up.
Matcherino, an eSports start-up seeking funds in the market, has been successful in raising $1.25 million from Vulcan Capital and angel investors, enabling it to pursue its dream of crowdfunding eSports competitions requested by fans of the vertical.
Matcherino CEO Grant Farwell says the plan is to engage with fans on what type of competitions and personalities they want to watch, and then organise and fund the events, making its platform available to the participants so that interaction and entertainment can take place.
“When many, many thousands of fans want to see certain professionals battle against each other and are willing to chip in money to make it happen, they need a technology platform to make it as easy as possible,” Farwell told the publication Geekwire.