Another Mega Fortune Dreams jackpot for Euro 3.5 million

Paf player pockets NetEnt’s first multi-million-euro jackpot of 2017.
A Paf online casino player has had a great start to 2017 by hitting the Mega Fortune Dreams jackpot for Euro 3.5 million.
In a statement Friday NetEnt advised that the lucky player is a 62-year-old woman from central Finland who won the seven-figure sum from a Euro 1 stake.
The winner's dream became a reality moments after midnight; the successful spin was placed at 00:13 on Wednesday, January 18, and thereafter the astonished punter understandably had difficulty relaxing.
“I can tell you that we haven't slept a wink last night,” she told casino management. “I've spent the night with my husband talking and going over this ‒ it's just unbelievable. And the funny thing is, I've always had such bad luck in this game before!
“Now we are going to take it slow and go on a small vacation that was planned ages ago. But we'll certainly find plenty of uses for this money,” she said.
NetEnt spokesman Simon Hammon said: “It only took a couple weeks for us to have our first big winner of 2017. It is the second time in two months that the NetEnt game has lived up to its name, after a player scooped almost Euro 7.5 million in December 2016."