Net Entertainment’s MegaFortune hit for Euro 11,736,228

Saturday September 24, 2011 : RECORD PROGRESSIVE JACKPOT HIT
Net Entertainment's MegaFortune hit for Euro 11,736,228
Somewhere this weekend there's an online casino player who is probably still trying to come to terms with being an instant multi-millionaire, having hit the jackpot on Net Entertainment's MegaFortune progressive slot.
Building for the last 200-some days, the jackpot had grown to the biggest ever recorded on the Internet at Euro 11,736,228.
Details on this major win have not yet been released by NetEnt, but MegaFortune has been delivering some big money jackpots in recent times, notably a Euro 5.3 million hit for a woman player in Småland, Sweden in February this year, preceded by a Euro 4.3 million win in June last year for a 33-year-old gambler from the Netherlands, and on November 5 2010 a Euro 3.9 million score for another Swede.
More detail as it becomes available.