Microgaming announces that it has terminated its software licence with Tusk Investment Corporation – with immediate effect, after having received Tusk's notification of its plans to put the Company into liquidation.

Microgaming is presently gathering all facts related to this matter and will provide further announcements as and when information becomes available.'

About Tusk

Tusk Investment Corporation Limited operates a number of casino sites and poker rooms:

Casinos Closes By Microgaming

Challenge Casino, Golden Reef Casino, Music Hall Casino, Nostalgia Casino, UK Casino Club; Big Casino

Poker Rooms Closes By Microgaming

Battlefield Poker, Royal Card Club, Red Nines, Arctic Poker, Raw Poker, Poker.ie, Daily Poker, Flush Draw Poker, Will Bet Poker, Bet Road Poker, Grand Central Poker, Off The Rail Poker, Privy Poker, Berserk Poker, Atomik Poker, Dave's Poker Room, Hetman Poker, Hot Pepper Poker, Poker Seas, TilttAA Poker, Loose Games Poker, CPT Gaming Poker, Ice Bear Poker, GoHard Poker, Caya Poker, Mr Urban Poker, Poker Sweden, Euro Poker Dream

From this it appears that the "non-compliance" issue had to do with the casino group failing to maintain the ratio of reserves to obligations.

And it must be pretty serious if the casino group is contemplating going into liquidation.

I'm sure we'll be hearing more from everyone involved in this over the coming days. So if you can try to get your money out now .