Microgaming Says No fines imposed On 5050poker

No fines imposed and fair warning on table restrictions
The Microgaming Poker Network (MPN) issued a rebuttal to a statement released by 5050 Poker Holding AB earlier this week.
A MPN media statement said that no "fines" were imposed on the network, but rather a "Rake Reconciliation", a system of reallocation of funds between Operators that corrects the imbalance that occurs in a poker network ecosystem when rake is the only valuation metric.  The company emphasised that said reallocation takes place between operators within the Clearing House bank account which does not hold player balances.
Furthermore, MPN refutes 5050 Poker's claim that the simultaneous table restrictions were imposed without warning saying all operators on the Network were notified of the restriction rule on May 4, 2012.  The restriction rule stated "that the number of simultaneous tables a single player may play on an operator may be temporarily reduced for the betterment of the network ecology".
The application of the rule at 5050 Poker and two other operators was, MPN says, communicated to the company in mid May and put into effect in June.