DDOS Warning

Virulent new Mirai attacks Internet of Things websites.
Following our  reports yesterday on the US and European success of the anti-Distributed Denial of Services products of Corero Network Security, comes news of a vicious new hack.
The Internet of Things (IoT) sector is on the alert following the news that the source code for Mirai, which attacks IoT websites but has possible applications in other sectors, has been posted online.
The danger of making this sort of information generally available is that other hacks can start using it, or modifying it to widen the possible range of targets.
Brian Krebs, a security specialist who’s Krebs on Security website has been the victim of a DDoS attack, posted the alert on Mirai, revealing that its originator had posted the source code on a hacker website for all to use after claiming that he/she had made enough money from it and was now bailing out.
Krebs cautions that the Mirai hack is technically more advanced and complex than previous DDoS hacks.