Breached Tennis Anti-Corruption Program relating to betting
Independent anti-corruption official of the Tennis Integrity Unit (TIU), Jane Mulcahy QC has given Morgan Lamri (22) a lifetime ban from officiating, participating in or attending any tournament or competition organised or sanctioned by the governing bodies of professional tennis.
Lamri was found guilty of committing 16 breaches of Section D.1.a of 2012 and 2013 relating to betting or attempting to wager on any tennis competition. He was also found guilty of attempting to contrive the outcome or any other aspect of the event, of soliciting or facilitating a player to not use his or her best efforts and failing to cooperate by not reporting the incident.
"The Tennis Integrity Unit is an initiative of the Grand Slam Board, the International Tennis Federation, the ATP World Tour and the WTA, who are jointly committed to a zero tolerance approach to corruption in tennis," Mulcahy said during her ruling.
Lamri denies the charges saying: "I am completely innocent. I don't understand how they can find me guilty without any material proof."