US-Chinese group interested in Mt GOX

Wednesday July 16,2014 :  NEW ASIAN PLANS FOR BITCOIN
A US-Chinese group wants to buy what's left of Mt. Gox.
A US-Chinese partnership comprising China-based ATM producer BetOcean and Atlas ATS, a New York exchange technology provider, has ambitions in the Bitcoin virtual currency sector, according to reports in Asian media this week.
Trading as BitOcean Japan, the partnership wants to start a new Bitcoin exchange, and is intent on acquiring the failed Mt Gox exchange and its assets to further its plans.
Taking up the story, the publication CoinDesk reports that BitOcean Japan is currently making an approach to the court-appointed trustee of Mt Gox, Nobuaki Kobayashi. It has emphasised that it has no desire to resurrect the failed Mt Gox, but is aiming to launch its own exchange in August.