Go to guide for U.S. States interested in internet gambling or not.

The U.S. National Council of Legislators from Gaming States  (NCLGS) announced the adoption of the U.S. Policy Framework for the Regulation of Internet Gambling, a policy that has been a year in the making.

“The Framework is a unique way to address the challenges and opportunities that come with regulating Internet gambling and offers a real-world approach to ensuring that citizens are protected,” said NCLGS President Rep. Helene Keeley (DE). 

“Thanks to the input of a myriad of interested parties, the Framework is balanced and informed and, I’m proud to say, is a hallmark of NCLGS efforts to date. It’s time for states that are inclined to welcome Internet gambling to take an in-depth look at what the Framework has to offer.”

The Framework promotes security and uniformity across States who have or intend to implement internet gambling.  It covers, among other topics, player protection, problem gambling, age verification, payment processing, geo-location, licencing, taxation, player identification, multi-jurisdictional agreements and enforcement.

Contributors to the compilation of the Framework include the American Gaming Association, Gaming Laboratories International, GTECH, Spectrum Gaming, Professor I. Nelson Rose and many others.

The full policy framework for internet gambling can be read here: