Carl "The Dean" Sampson has stated that adopting Negreanu's power-play style in online games could land players in trouble.
In an article on, The Dean said that when playing for high stakes on the internet, betting right out with nothing in a heads-up situation could give the opponent the opportunity to "float you" or to raise the stakes.

Sampson recommends check raising to bluff the opponent, saying that this strategy represents a strong hand and could end up with players getting a free card.

It is also a damage limitation technique because it can avoid a huge pot accumulating for players with weak hands.

However, The Dean did note that it was never advisable to adopt the same strategy for every hand because good players will pick up on patterns.

Consequently a "blend of continuation betting with check raising and even check folding" is necessary for a "balanced strategy," he said.

Carl Sampson is a professional gambler who now writes for a number of gambling websites and magazines. He also wrote Secrets of Professional Limit Hold'em, which was published last year.