But only if congress approves legalization proposals.
With the US Congress mid-term elections looming both Republican and Democrat politicians have been jockeying for position this week, and in Nevada one of the hot topics has been the legalization of online gambling.
One of the more interesting televised debates took place between Democratic nominee Rory Reid and his Republican opponent Brian Sandoval who came to the similar conclusion that Nevada should fully exploit online gambling, but only if Congress as a whole voted for current proposals such as HR2267 proposed by Congressman Barney Frank.
Associated Press reports that both candidates emphasised that Nevada should position its self to take advantage of the untapped revenues and claim dominance in the Internet gambling industry.  "I've always felt that if the federal government makes that decision …

Nevada should be a leader," said Sandoval, former chairman of the Nevada Gaming Commission.  Reid agreed. The online poker industry generates billions of dollars, "and Nevada is missing out," he said. Reid said he would advocate for the federal government "to create a regulatory structure to take advantage of it."