Nevada Ponders Suggestions on Online poker

17 individuals and companies put their thoughts forward
The public consultation on the practical implementation of Nevada's online poker legalization ended April 15, and the state regulator has published the thoughts and suggestions of 17 individuals and companies that responded to the call for comment.
In an interesting article on the subject over the weekend, the information website Flushdraw looked at the key points raised.
Interstate compacts designed to improve player liquidity feature strongly in the comments, with several contributors calling for harmonised requirements in terms of taxation, rake, player deposit protection, technology, general regulations and rake-back policies.
Caesars, perhaps predictably in view of its opposition to the Rational Group's initiative to acquire a New Jersey land casino as an prequel to online gambling in that state, was concerned with bad actor provisions through licensing suitability. More positively, Caesars suggests that Nevada's "online poker only" policy be widened to embrace other forms of internet gambling.
Other responders included service companies apparently intent on promoting their product whilst dishing competitors; suggestions that interstate activity be confined to already licensed brands and thoughts on player dispute channels.