Control Board workshop examines an important regulatory function
Nevada regulators conducted a brief workshop Wednesday on the implications and rules necessary for the use of private testing agencies in gaming technologies associated with Nevada gambling, including online poker.
The workshop follows a decision by the Board to accept certificates of fairness and accuracy issued by acceptable and independent testing agencies working to strict requirements
The question of exactly what the Nevada Gaming Control Board requires in terms of establishing the independence of a testing agency was discussed, with the Board agreeing to more precisely draft its needs.
The Board's technology division executive, Jim Barbee, stressed that the Board retains the right to issue final approvals of licence applicants, and that allowing private testing companies to be part of the process would not exclude the Nevada regulator from conducting field trials as and when thought necessary.
He added that it is anticipated that the first private testing lab will likely be accredited by mid-year 2012.
Board chairman Mark Lipparelli outlined the steps that will be followed, explaining that the Board will submit its proposals to the Nevada Gaming Commission in the near future. So far two companies – GLI and BMM have submitted applications to be considered