New Jersey land operators are talking to online gambling software providers
The Atlantic City Weekly carried the interesting news this week that land gambling operators in the state of New Jersey are interacting with as yet unidentified online gambling software providers in anticipation of a legalised online gambling market.
The newspaper was reporting on evidence given to the state’s Legislative Summit on the New Jersey gambling industry by Mark Juliano, president of the New Jersey Casino Association.
In his testimony Friday Juliano revealed that casino companies in Atlantic City are preparing for the legalization of online gaming.
“We are all working with software programs to provide a mode for online poker rooms and casino games and we’re obviously watching the legalization on this very carefully,” he said. “We do think that it is inevitable that it will pass at some point and we’re just waiting for some legislative direction.”
The newspaper’s blog noted that Juliano’s comments came after direct questions about moves in the state legislature to make New Jersey the first state to allow intra-state online gambling.
However, Juliano emphasised that the Association still felt that legalization of online casino, poker and even sports betting was best accomplished at federal rather than state level.