Posted 3/14/11 : Agreement with Tristar will see the launch of several internet gambling sites across Latin America
Sportsbook technology provider Offsidegaming has announced an agreement with Latin American marketing partner, Tristar International, to launch a number of sportsbetting, casino and poker sites across the Latin American region.
A company spokesman said this was the second deal of its kind in Latin America for Offsidegaming and it will see Tristar International launch in a number of localised versions. Offsidegaming has delivered a full suite of gaming products, together with back office operations, customer services facilities and CRM capabilities and will assist Tristar International in the development of a dedicated player acquisition strategy.
Matt Jellicoe of Offsidegaming said, “We have spent a number of months searching for the right partner in this region. We have a 100 percent success rate in developing successful B2B partnerships and that is a record that we intend to keep. Tristar International have it all – a great track record in gaming, lots of regional internet marketing experience and the marketing muscle to go with it.”
Tristar's Brian Segal said that Offsidegaming had delivered very quickly on every aspect of the operation, and his company looked forward to becoming a major participant in the region.