Vigilante Raids on Online Gambling Dens

Malaysian Red Shirts political pressure group warned by Deputy Home Minister.
The Malaysian Red Shirts political pressure group was accused of grandstanding for publicity purposes this week after it enlisted local journalists to follow its vigilante action in raiding suspected online gambling dens in the Johor Baru region.
Making the accusation, Deputy Home Minister Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed described Red Shirts leader Datuk Seri Jamal Yunos' activities as nothing more than an attempt to seek publicity, and warned him to be a responsible citizen and instead forward information on illegal activities to the police.
"Jamal was only looking for fame when he invited members of the media to follow him in raiding gambling dens," the minister said Saturday. "If Jamal has information, then he should have given it to the police, which have a special unit to handle illegal gambling activities."
The national police have already warned Jamal to cease his vigilante activity or face possible criminal consequences.
The Red Shirt leader has justified his raids by referencing his local municipal council's closure of his unlicensed holiday resort, saying that it should apply the same rules to the illegal online gambling dens in the area.