Monday July 4, 2011 :  25-year-old fraudster used a variety of financial channels
Internet users continually plagued by fraudster attempts to relieve them of their hard earned money will feel a sense of satisfaction that at least one such crook will face the consequences of his actions in an Indian court soon.
New Delhi police have reported breaking an online lottery racket over the weekend following the arrest of a 25-year-old man, identified as Mohammad Adil.
Adil allegedly sent emails to internet users claiming they had achieved lottery wins, and then asked them to deposit ‘processing charges', subsequently vanishing with the money.
Fourteen ATM/credit cards and 11 cheque books from different banks, along with six PAN cards, were recovered from Adil's possession.
Police are now hunting down other members of the fraud ring following information from Adil.
"The gang would send e-mails informing people they had won a massive sum through an online lottery," said deputy commissioner of police Vivek Kishore.
"The accused then asked the victims to deposit money as processing fees and service charges. Once money was deposited in the designated accounts, they would withdraw it and move on to the next victim,"
Following a tip from one of the banks used by the accused, police were waiting for the swindler and questioned him when he tried to withdraw from one of the accounts being used. During questioning, Adil confessed to his role in the racket.