July 12,2012 : OPAP WILL ONLY BE SOLD OFF IN 2013 (Update)
More delays as privatisation initiative struggles to gain traction in cash-strapped Greece
Further delays in the Greek government's privatisation process mean that the cash-strapped nation will only be able to complete the sale of its state lottery firm and a building in Athens this year, its privatisation chief told Reuters on Wednesday.
That would mean the country would fall well short of the Euros 3.2 billion in proceeds it had targeted raising this year, and that the privatisation of firms like betting company OPAP, natural gas company DEPA, gas grid operator DESFA, and Hellenic Petroleum would slip into next year.
"There can be financial completion of only two projects this year – the state lottery and the IBC," Costas Mitropoulos told Reuters, citing "administrative delays".