Operation Dadu Four illegal online gambling operations raided

Monday August 29,2016 :  OPERATION DADU BACK IN ACTION

Four illegal online gambling operations raided.

Malaysian authorities arrested 20 people this past weekend following raids on four online gambling premises in Taman Sri Mawar, Mambau Town, JAlan Tun Dr Ismail and Jalan Zaaba.

“We were tipped off by the public two days ago,” District police chief assistant commission Muhamad Zaki Harun said. “After making our own observations, we took action”.

Those arrested were aged between 18 and 58, Zaki revealed, of which nine were keeping guard and 13 were gambling.

RM8,885 in cash, 28 simulators and 31 computers valued around RM200,000 were seized.

The investigation will continue, authorities said, with further investigation into whether the suspects belong to gambling syndicates.