Paddy Power Immigrant Ad Pisses ASA Off

Thursday November 19,2015 : PADDY POWER TICKS OFF IRISH ASA

And numerous complainants

A Paddy Power social media advertisement has offended numerous complainants who say the ad is in poor taste, offensive, racist, and exploits the immigrants in Calais.

The ad shows pictures of sports stars Andy Murray, Raheem Sterling, Mo Farah, Manu Tualigi and Eoin Morgan on the side of a truck with accompanying text reading “IMMIGRANTS JUMP IN THE BACK!

One complainant considered that Paddy Power was making a joke out of human tragedy, while another considered it was likely to inflame negative attitudes towards immigrants.

In response, Paddy Power said they sought to promote advertising campaigns that were edgy, humorous and engaging but regretted any offence that may have been caused.

The Irish advertising standards authority upheld the complaints deeming the ad inappropriate.

Paddy Power has been told the advertisement should not appear in the same form again.