Will GVC Open PartyPoker to Closed Markets

Tuesday February 9,2016 : G.V.C. TO OPEN UP BWIN PARTY CLOSED MARKETS?
A less timid approach from new owner?
One of the interesting pieces of information to emerge in media reports last week concerned the forward planning of the now merged GVC and Bwin.Party online gambling group as envisaged by PartyPoker head Tom Waters.
The reports appear to indicate that GVC leadership will be less timid when it comes to which markets PartyPoker will address, following years of cautious exits when the company was influenced by Bwin management.
That could include PartyPoker's reintroduction to as many as 21 markets which are regarded as regulatory "gray" areas from which it was previously excluded.
Waters indicated that his company has already re-opened registration in some of these previously excluded markets and will expand that figure should the commercial potential prove attractive, although no official company statement outlining which markets are involved has yet been released.
However, the PartyPoker chief stressed that the list of re-introductions will not include those mainly European countries where formal national regulatory regimes have been implemented.