Partypoker Changing Rake Structure

Tuesday August 23,2011 : Online poker provider switches from the ‘dealt' rake structure to a weighted contribution model
Party Poker, one of the pioneers among online poker operators, has decided to make a fundamental change in the way it calculates rake from August 24, switching from the ‘dealt' model to the much discussed and often controversial ‘weighted contribution' method.
In the older ‘dealt' model, rake is calculated by dividing the total rake paid in a hand by the number of players participating in that hand.
In the weighted contribution model, which is said to attract more inexperienced players to the game, every player is credited rake based on the percentage of money that he or she individually contributed to the pot.
In a further move, and one that is not expected to be popular, the company is about to reduce the rake on its popular sit ‘n go tournaments.