The Party Poker Snowball

Wednesday 1st September marks the start of ‘The Snowball’ promotion at and customers can win up to 15 prizes and keep every single one of them! This is a promotion with hundreds of thousands of dollars up for grabs. Each player can win up to $5,000 in cash and freeroll entries worth a total of $100,000, giving players the chance to pick up a huge amount of prizes as the Snowball gathers momentum.
A spokesman said: “This is the promo that suits every player regardless of their level. If you are a Palladium VIP you will relish the challenge of winning so many prizes. For our less experienced players this is a great chance to play in some big money freerolls. Remember, the stash of prizes will get bigger and bigger the more a customer plays..”
All a customer has to do is earn points by playing at’s real-money poker tables from 1st to 30th September: they KEEP EVERYTHING they win as they move up through the levels. Freerolls will take place on the dates shown below while cash prizes will be paid instantly into player accounts. Visit Partypoker now to take part in this great promotion.
Check out what can be won:

Points level Prize levelTotal prizes won
50,000$1,500$5,000 + all freeroll entries
40,000$1,200$3,500 + all freeroll entries
30,000$900$2,300 + all freeroll entries
20,000$425$1,400 + all freeroll entries
15,000$375$975 + all freeroll entries
10,000$325$600 + all freeroll entries
5,000$175$275 + all freeroll entries
2,000$55$100 + all freeroll entries
1,000$25$45 + all freeroll entries
500$20$20 + all freeroll entries
200$50k freeroll entry$50k freeroll entry + preceding freerolls
100$20k freeroll entry$20k freeroll entry + preceding freerolls
50$15k freeroll entry$15k freeroll entry + preceding freerolls
25$10k freeroll entry$10k freeroll entry + preceding freeroll
5$5k freeroll entry$5k freeroll entry

Eg. if a player gets 50,000 points they get $5,000 in hard cash and $100,000 worth of freeroll entries. If a player earns 500 points they get $20 and $100,000 worth of freeroll entries. If a player earns just 5 points they get a $5,000 freeroll entry.
Please note:
The Snowball finals will take place at these times:
·        The $5,000 Freeroll: 14:30 ET on 4th October, 2010
·        The $10,000 Freeroll: 14:30 ET on 5th October, 2010
·        The $15,000 Freeroll: 14:30 ET on 6th October, 2010
·        The $20,000 Freeroll: 14:30 ET on 7th October, 2010
·        The $50,000 Freeroll: 14:30 ET on 8th October, 2010
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