Pennsylvania Payne bill Confusion

Simple error could have (temporarily) scuppered Payne bill.
Media reports from Pennsylvania outline possible reasons behind the apparent confusion of lawmakers Tuesday in rejecting two gambling bills featuring online elements 

The reports suggest that two amendments were tabled on an appropriations proposal in the House: A7622 sponsored by Rep. Mark Mustio and including contentious video gaming terminal components, and A7619 sponsored by Rep. John Payne and sans VGT content.
Paynes amendment without the poisonous VGT content was widely supported, but reportedly through an error his name was appended to both proposals, and this confused politicians who would otherwise have voted for A7619.
Instead, both proposals were voted down on 66 vs.122 (Mustios VGT bill) and 81 vs.107 (Paynes amendment).
Realising the error, successful motions for both bills to be reconsidered – this time with the right sponsors named – were immediately made and passed, leaving the issue still very much alive in the state House.