Pennsylvania criticisms for not acting on online gambling bill

House Representative criticisms Senate for not acting on online gambling bill.
One of 2016's biggest disappointments has been the failure of the legislature in Pennsylvania to finally pass legalization regulating and licensing online gambling despite two positive votes in the House, the approval of most of the land operators in the state and its inclusion as a source of state revenue in the budget bill.
Whilst first HB2150 and then HB1887 received House approval, the state Senate proved to be an obstacle that could not be overcome as it allowed the measure to run out of time.
That means that it's a reset and a start from the beginning again next year…and this time without the presence and vigor of now retired House Gaming Oversight Committee chairman John Payne.
Representative Rosita Youngblood mourned a lost opportunity for the state in an interview with Online Poker Report Wednesday, observing that the Senate had failed to give life to the online gambling proposal and its potential to help close the budget gap by providing a contribution to the budget.
She also pointed out that the regulation of online gambling would provide better consumer protection and debunked recent claims by Pennsylvania Senator Robert Tomlinson that by regulating online gambling the state could damage the businesses of existing land casino operators in the state.
The interview is an interesting perspective on how politicians view the prospects for online gambling regulation in Pennsylvania next year, and can be accessed here: