State senate could be spurred on by need to address Supreme Court finding.
A decision by Pennsylvania Supreme Court on slot taxes could have an indirect but positive impact for US online gambling legalization by motivating the state Senate to move on an omnibus gambling bill currently languishing before that august body.
The Supreme Court decision that current taxation on land slot operators in the state is inequitable and therefore unconstitutional and must be addressed by the Legislature, presents an opportunity to add pressure on the Senate to at the same time attend to an omnibus gambling bill that senators have so far appeared reluctant to progress.
Representative John Payne, who chairs the House Gaming Oversight committee, has been quick to seize the opportunity, commenting that the House has already passed the gambling bill as a contributor to the state budget, and that the quickest way to fix the local slots tax issue would be for the state Senate to amend one of the gaming bills that the House has already passed.
"Dont just send us a bill with a fix, send us a bill that brings in some revenue, from internet gaming, fantasy sports… something," Payne told this week.