Philippine DOJ Paid off For Releases of Chinese Nationals


Process won’t be undermined by operator bribes, Justice Secretary warns.

The Philippine Department of Justice has reported receiving up to P200,000 (GBP 3216) for the release of each of the 1,316 Chinese nationals arrested last week in the Fontana Leisure Park and Casino raids.

According to Global Nation Enquirer, the revelation from Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II comes as the Philippine Bureau of Immigration begins the deportation process of the illegal Chinese nationals who are accused of violating their visa conditions.

Aguirre described the raid as a “major blow against businessmen using illegal aliens for local operations,” one which would not be undermined by operators offering bribes.

“We will not be deterred. We will be uncompromising in our fight against crime and corruption,” Aguirre said in a press briefing.

Action is expected to continue as a court issued search warrant was granted to Police allowing them to access locked facilities at the casino’s Clark Freeport building in which they expect to find more Chinese nationals hiding out.

 “We are sending a message to all who break any of our laws. Break it and we will go after you,” Aguirre warned.