Thursday June 23, 2011 : New features driven by player feedback
UK-based poker website announced the launch of its latest software update this week.
The update introduces new features which include auto top-up, default buy-in, a players statistics package, additions to emotes and PKR Lite.
–  The auto top-up and default buy-in features are aimed at frequent ring game players to allow players to customise and remotely manage at-table bankrolls.
–  The player statistics feature, available in the chat box at the table, offers a range of information on the current cash game or tournament session, as well as graphical representations of a player’s hand data on each street.
–  Five new additions to the array of emotes, one of PKR’s interactive features. Players can communicate a range of poker phrases at the table using their avatars and the emote system.
–  PKR Lite is designed for the small percentage of players who are using machines that can’t run PKR’s full 3D client or who don’t want to play in 3D.
Leon Walters, Chief Operating Officer said: “These changes we’ve made, particularly with the default buy-in and auto top-up features, are very much driven by player feedback.
“The new features, along with many new customer-centric features coming later in the year, demonstrate PKR's commitment to our core Poker audience.”