If you are into the technology, you have certainly heard about Artificial Intelligence (AI) at least a few times. The word has become even more popular over the course of the last few years, especially with an introduction of another buzz word – machine learning. Essentially, these are powerful scripts that are not simply designed to execute certain actions, but they also learn and improve when more data is added. It is certainly a dream of any poker player to come with some sort of a winning strategy, automate it, and simply press the button Play and see the account’s balance go up. Well, the future might be even closer than you think.

According to the recent news from http://norskecasino.casino/, Libratus, a piece of software designed by two Carnegie Mellon IT professionals has come victorious against four professional poker players. What makes this case even more interesting is that the game was no-limit Texas Holdem. Hence, an AI piece have not only calculate the odds, but also to identify bluffing and calculate the probabilities based on the pot size. While many of us would agree that developing an automated system in any sort of a pot limit game sounds very probable, simply because an AI can easily estimate both the odds of winning and the potential size of the bets, the task gets much harder when there are limitless bets involved.

Apart from that, many would assume that poker is much more than just identifying the odds, possible movements, and simply tricking your opponent. It gets especially different once a player is allowed to bet its stake at just one single move. It seems that a human is much more likely to perform such tasks better, especially once he is able identify the patterns in AI’s behavior and adapt its actions. Yet the AI has proven that the previous statement is not true. Dong Kim, one of the greatest poker players have commented that an AI was able to read his cards perfectly.

On top of that, there is another buzz word – big data. Imagine if one designs an AI that is powered by large data sets that contain the history of the billions of poker hands, and this way an AI can profile each of the players on the table and develop a special strategy against each of them. Perhaps, in the very close future the poker table will be dominated by the robots.

Read the full article: http://norskecasino.casino/casino-news/er-det-plass-til-ai-roboter-poker/

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