Platinum SB Back in Business Already

Online operator thumbs his nose at Canadian authorities
Platinum SB, which our readers will recall was the target of a massive police raid and seizure in Toronto during the Super Bowl last week, resurfaced within hours with a new domain.
One anonymous customer told the publication National Post: “Nothing has changed. Police are making a fool of themselves. This book will never be shut down.”
Having lost its former domain to the authorities, the site now presents itself as, using a domain from the obscure self-governing South Pacific island of Tokelau.
The National Post report claims that the enterprise was up and running again within hours, processing new wagers even as police were holding a press conference on the Toronto raid, in which six suspects were arrested.
Platinum’s bookies were alerting customers to the change at the same time police were telling reporters the network had been “dismantled,” the National Post reports. Even customers’ account numbers remained the same.
PlatinumSB clearly had contingency plans, with the Tokelau domain acquired 12 years ago and held in reserve. A sister site whose domain was also seized by the Canadian authorities, Betwho, similarly reappeared with a Tokelau domain.
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police were clearly unimpressed with the news, and noted that further charges may be laid if it transpired that the same people were behind the new sites.