International Player Liquidity

Regulators discuss possibilities
One of the biggest pitfalls in nationally ring-fenced online gambling markets – the lack of sufficient player liquidity – was again the focus of much discussion at a conference of regulators held in Lisbon this week.
Representatives from regulatory regimes in Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Portugal and Spain were in attendance and issued a joint statement noting that:
“The issue of international liquidity was considered by the regulators, with the view to identify and prepare the steps to be taken in order to advance the process of sharing liquidity at a future date. The consideration of this issue will be continued in the next regulators’ meeting.”
The next meeting is scheduled for Rome later this year.
Operators in European nations with nationally dedicated online poker networks have in particular felt the pinch of constrained player action, exacerbated by heavy taxation and the industry can expect further serious efforts to overcome the obstacles associated with a more international and appropriate approach to a pastime based on the cross-border capabilities of modern mobile and Internet communications.