Coral Launches player proposition betting product

Digital Sports Tech supplies the technology.
Digital Sports Tech, a business-to-business software provider of sports betting solutions, has signed a deal with UK online and land sports betting operator Coral to provide an innovative player proposition betting product.
Coral went live today (Friday) with this new sports betting product under the brand ‘Player Bets’ and will by agreement enjoy a period of exclusivity in the UK and Ireland, the company revealed in a statement.
DST claims that Player Bets is the only product in the world that enables customers to create and customize their own bets on player performance across a range of statistics and sports in real time.
This is facilitated by the software company proprietary and patent-pending platform and algorithms that analyses each customized bet to generate accurate odds and also automatically result it.
The sports that Coral will be offering the product on initially include football, American football, basketball and rugby league.
Typical examples of Player Bets that Coral customers will be able to create include:
* Single player bet: David Silva to make at least 75 passes against Man United
* Combined player bet: Diego Costa and Jamie Vardy to have at least 8 shots on target combined
* Head-to-head bet: Paul Pogba to make more tackles than Jordan Henderson
Ari Lewski, executive director at Digital Sports Tech, said Friday:
“Player based betting is an untapped and therefore major growth area for the industry. There is huge demand for player related betting opportunities from punters, which you could argue has evolved from the growing popularity of fantasy sports.
“Giving users the power to create and personalize their own player bets will change the actual experience of betting for many fans and will also provide them with a far deeper level of engagement with the sport."
Corals sportsbook director, Keith O’Loughlin, added:
“Digital Sports Tech have created something genuinely different with their player proposition betting platform, which makes sports betting even more engaging for punters.  Player Bets is a really engaging and fun addition to our customer proposition (and) the customer groups we’ve shown it to so far have absolutely loved it.”
A major feature in the DST platform is the large number of player markets that can be made available to users without any extra trading manpower.
Factoring in the possible bet permutations and combinations, there are over 1.3 million unique markets available for users to create over a single round of English Premier League matches, and over 2.3 million in a weekend of NFL, DST claims.
That means that punters are far more engaged when watching a match…rather than just waiting for the final score they are focused on key individual moments like a successful pass or tackle, shot or rebound.
To view a demo of Player Bets: