PlayinWasted WCOOP Main Event Winner

Saturday October 5, 2013 : BIG WCOOP WINNER IDENTIFIED
Main event winner took home $1.49 million.
Speculation around the identity of PlayinWasted – the WCOOP main event winner of $1,493,499 last week – has settled on a 22-year-old recreational player who is an economics grad currently studying psychology in Cologne, Germany named David Kaufman.
Using information from poker message boards and an interview with the winner on the Pokerstars site, along with the known identity of another of the three Germans who took first, second and third places in the event, the Italian information site AssoPoker worked out Kaufman's identity.
In his anonymous interview with Pokerstars, PlayinWasted revealed his study course and said he lives in a small town near Cologne.
He claimed never to have read a poker book or watched a training video and said he doesn't use a HUD; he was largely staked by friends in the "Team GatsbyKempinho" syndicate for the $5,000 WCOOP buy-in; and he managed to eliminate high profile pro Viktor Blom at one point.
Read the interesting Pokerstars interview, in which PlayinWasted comes across as a sensible, level-headed and naturally talented player here: