Written On  4/8/11 By Lenny Wasman :

March departure of a senior executive causes speculation

The embarrassing launch debacle of the British Columbia Lottery Corporation's online gambling venture Playnow.com might have been the cause for a senior Corporation I.T. executive departing last month, media in Vancouver speculated this week.

Scott Norman, described by a Vancouver Sun source as the "point person on IT matters" during the security breach crisis that followed the launch, departed the company on March 21.

A BCLC spokesperson assured the newspaper that Norman's departure has "absolutely no connection" to PlayNow.com's launch issues. But when pressed on what other involvement the chief information officer had with the online casino, the spokesperson wouldn't say more on grounds of "…we do not comment on specifics of human resource matters under any circumstance."

It appears that Norman has additionally not taken up another one year term he was elected to serve on the Gaming Standards Association in British Columbia.

In an interview with Public Eye, the association's executive director Michelle Olesiejuk explained: "He resigned his position at his current company and – if you're not employed by a GSA member company – you can no longer hold the position of a board member."

Norman had been with the BCLC since 2004 and briefly served as its acting chief executive officer in 2008. The newspaper was not successful in obtaining a comment from him.