What appears to be an over-enthusiastic Bingo department staffer at online casino group Plex Gaming caused his employers embarrassment this week by rather clumsily attempting to hitch a free ride on the good reputation of the online gambling information portal Casinomeister.com.
Using the social networking site Twitter as his base, the ethically-challenged staffer tried to generate traffic to Casinoplex.blogspot.com using the trusted and high profile brand Casinomeister, the copyrighted property of Bryan Bailey at Casinomeister.com.
His (or her) efforts were short-lived after a Casinomeister member picked up on the ruse and quite rightly reported it back to the real Casinomeister. More responsible personnel at Plex Gaming later moved on the blog, closing it down together with the Twitter account concerned in short order.
The incident triggered a condemnatory thread at the popular information site, where one poster probably summed up the consensus by writing: "Sounds like their marketing department needs less freedom of activities and more supervision. An employee like that could cost them money and hurt their reputation. Did they advise any followers that it was an act of fraud?"