Wednesday May 27,2015 : PMU REVAMP BRAND STRATEGY

"PMU, live your emotions to 100%."

French operator Pari Mutuel Urban (PMU) has revamped its brand strategy instilling a sense of fun and vibrancy as it progresses its strategic transformation plan.

Set for launch at the end of this week, PMU’s extensive new global branding and positioning centres around the bettor and their emotions and utilises the strapline “PMU, live your emotions to 100%.”

Specific elements were designed and created by numerous creative agencies such as: Dragon Rouge who created PMU’s new visual identity; Publicis Conseil – its brand and product advertising campaign; and Sixth Son, PMU’s new sound identity.

Dragon Rouge focused on the diverse range of emotions experienced by bettors when creating PMU’s visual identity along with PMU’s pop-up logo which will appear across all the operator’s game worlds.

Sixth Son delivered an original music composition for new PMU commercials as well as a new PMU signature sound.

The new extensive multi-channel brand strategy will launch across print, web, social network and television channels on May 29 backed by a major media plan.

With these resolutely original creations, PMU will be perceived as more lively and playful, asserting itself as the 100% emotions brand, a company spokesperson said.

PMU’s new commercials can be accessed at:
Film Brand:
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