Free-to-play bot changes style to meet individual challenges
Neo Poker Laboratory has developed an artificial intelligence which is currently providing interest and entertainment to growing numbers of online poker fans who fancy their chances against a virtual opponent.
The company stresses that it is aware of the bad rep bots have with internet poker operators, and has no intention of using or making the software available for real-money online action.
Instead, the bot has been made available for internet poker fans to test their skills against a worthy if technological opponent.
The company says it has been developing the bot for several years, and that it now represents a credible challenge to human players, adjusting its style to the strategy of its opponents by analysing data on each human player facing it.
Neo Poker Laboratory won an award for the product at the 2012 Annual Poker Competition, and offers No-Limit and Limit Hold’em, with heads-up available as free-to-play for all comers, while 3-Max and 6-Max is available to registered users only.
It's worth having a whirl at www.neopokerbot.com.