New Poker Data Tracking Software

10/6/09 – After nearly a year of development the online gambling consultancy H2 Gambling Capital has released its Internet poker-tracking product to clients.  Pokerstars
The product, which provides up to 250 data points for each poker platform covered every day, will initially be available to three groups.
•    A limited number of buy-side funds;
•    Operators of Internet poker platforms and their licensees;
•    A limited number of sell-side analysts.
The latter will only be able to access a limited amount of information including up to 15 data points for each platform per day. These will include average numbers of ring game and tournament players by category of game as well as maximum player numbers at both
Initially the service will cover PokerStars, FullTilt, PartyPoker, iPoker, Entraction, PacificPoker, Microgaming Poker Network, IPN, Betfair and Everest Poker. Going forward we will be adding Ongame, Cake Poker Network, Cereus, Svenska Spel, Win2Day, Bodog and PKR before moving on to the Italian networks and then any other closed platforms in markets as they regulate.
The data associated with both services will generally be delivered to clients on a weekly basis. Though it will be possible for buy-side funds to arrange to receive the data each weekday morning if required.
The service is not cheap: prices for the sell-side package start at GBP 3 500 (+VAT) per annum for existing H2 customers. Prices for the full service start at GBP 8 000 (+VAT) per annum for existing H2 customers.