Poker Players against Collusion

Campaign to persuade Nevada regulator to tighten up cheating provisions in the regulations.
The influential online poker forum twoplustwo is currently buzzing over a player campaign aimed at persuading the Nevada regulator to adopt tighter and more punitive measures against collusion and cheating.
Highly experienced players have been discussing and contributing to what they believe will be improvements to the regulations in a conversation triggered by an incident of collusion uncovered and resolved at last month.
Understandably, the changes are mainly focused on how players can recover funds lost to a subsequently exposed cheater; this was one of the gripes following the resolution of the case.
A spokesman has explained that the return of player funds lost to cheaters, specifically from the frozen account balance of the cheaters, was governed by state law and was not within the purview of the site operator.
Among the revisions proposed by the players are suggestions that criminal or civil proceedings should be instituted against cheaters, that their details should be distributed to all licensed operators in Nevada, and players warned on the consequences of cheating at the registration stage.
See full details here of the proposals being developed: