Poker tournaments are being affected by the novel Coronavirus

The novel coronavirus that spread from the Wuhan region of China has already spread in more than 100 countries. The number of infected people by the virus is increasing every day and currently, there are more than 130,000 cases of Coronavirus in the world. Sadly, more than 4,500 people have died as a result of complications because of the virus.

As the situation is getting out of hand daily, many companies have decided to either start working remotely or stop their businesses altogether. The gambling industry is not an exception in this situation. There are many tournaments that have been affected by the virus, some of them even got canceled.

Many people have stated their views about the recent developments and called on the authorities to take appropriate measures. As a result, many tournaments are being canceled every day around the world.

Other than that, many casinos are beginning to close, which draws further attention to online casinos, especially to those who offer real-life-like gambling experience to their users.

Online Casinos

Online Casinos are very popular in many countries. It has been many years since the field started to develop, and many people have decided to switch from real-life casinos to online ones. Recent developments further helped online casinos to develop and become leaders on the field. As most of the casinos are continuing to close, more people are deciding to switch to online gambling platforms.

Other than the fact that online casinos now are a safer place for gamblers, there are many other additional benefits for those who like to gamble online. For example, since the online casino field is so tight, many companies are coming up with new bonuses and promotion ideas to offer people the greatest experience.

As a result of canceling tournaments, many people have started to surf the internet in the hopes of finding bonuses to somehow be able to participate in poker matches that in recent weeks have fully started to move online.

Because of the way it is distributed, few ideas have managed to get a lot of attention from gamblers. The very interesting thing is how the Playamo casino bonus code system was able to take the whole industry by storm, but very few can say why this happened. Thankfully, people behind this great idea were able to explain.

The Marketing Director of Playamo Europe, Carle Williams was able to explain this situation very easily in one of his interviews.

“The thing is that, in today’s climate, when most people are staying at home, everybody is looking to have some fun. This idea was really brilliant because it did not only give our players the chance to receive one award but to have much more than that,”

As the situation in the world is getting harder every day, the importance of online gambling is becoming very relevant. There are many people who can not leave their homes, so the role of online platforms is becoming even bigger for gamblers.

Casinos around the world

Many casinos have announced that they are planning to stop working in a very close future because of the spread of the coronavirus. There are even casinos in Las Vegas saying this. As of March 16, there were fourteen resorts along the Las Vegas Strip that announced closure.

It is still unclear how the situation of employees will change, as some representatives of casinos say that they will help their employees, but some say that they still do not have any official information.

This is a historical moment in the history of Las Vegas, there have been many problems around the world but none of them affected the situation in Las Vegas. But, as the coronavirus continues to spread further, there is a need to have some kind of safety measures.


As a result of closing casinos, the future of upcoming tournaments remains to be under a huge question. There are some representatives who have decided to cancel the events altogether or to change them into online tournaments.

Online tournaments have a huge history and the platform is well-tested, so it could be seen as a winning outcome for both, gamblers and the creators of the games. It has not been officially proved yet but there are some people saying that even the World Series of Poker could get canceled, which is as planned, is going to be held in Las Vegas.

Nobody knows for how long will the closure last, and there are many people who think that this situation can go for over several months. If this will be the point, the best thing for gambling companies is to use modern technology and start offering their users one of the newest and most well-developed platforms in the world.

Several popular poker players have written on their personal twitter pages saying that the World Series of Poker 2020 is most likely to be canceled. But, as the official page of WSOP wrote, there are no official plans for canceling the event.


Coronavirus has started spreading from the Wuhan region of China. The first case was reported on December 31, after that, more than 175,000 people have been infected and the virus has managed to spread in more than 125 countries.

Although the situation in China is getting better daily, the situation around the world very much looks like it looked when it started spreading in China. The death toll is rising every day and there still is no one specific way for treatment.

Most of the countries have started to close their borders with their neighbors to keep a safer environment in the country. The effect of the coronavirus on the global economy is catastrophic and getting out of this situation seems to be very hard.

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