Pokerstars 10th Anniversary Sunday Millions Results


As part of 10th anniversary celebrations.

Pokerstars’ Sunday Million 10th Anniversary celebrations’ $10 million guarantee on this past Sunday’s tournament has led to Canada’s ‘a.urli’ pocketing a staggering $970,000 after 15-and-a-half-hours of play and a four-handed final table deal all on a single $215 buy-in.

A whopping 22,000 players took their seats at around 2,500 tables on Sunday afternoon with 55,059 total entries received following a surprise twist that did away with the usual freezeout after late registration and allowed players a re-entry option. 

The total prize pool amounted to $11,011,800, the third-largest prize pool in a decade's worth of Sunday Millions, paying out the top 8,208 places.

Whittled down to the last four, tournament play paused briefly as ‘a.urli’, ‘prophetdream’, ‘mladenova62’ and ‘canario508’ negotiated a four-way chop with $2,85 million up for play.  After numerous attempts, the quartet  settled on a deal that left $100,000 still to play for.

Ultimately ‘a.urli’ emerged victorious in heads-up play defeating ‘mladenova62’ and winning the extra $100,000.

Final table of nine finished up:

1. a.urli (Canada) $970,000.00
2. mladenova62 (Bulgaria) $650,000.00
3. prophetdream (South Korea) $678.517.78
4. canario508 (Argentina) $560,000.00
5. ThreeBetting (United Kingdom) $318,415.00
6. Superfizzy (Germany) $235,653.62
7. AttiIa88 (Russia) $174,402.68
8. TottiLitti (Finland) $129,071.51
9. Torsvik (Norway) $95,522.96