Pokerstars 65 Billionth Hand Milestone

Monday July 18, 2011 :  5 billion hands in four months…
5 billion hands in just four months…that's the record that the world's biggest online poker operator, Pokerstars, is about to claim despite its troubles in America.
In March, the company dealt its 60 billionth hand. Four months later, the tally is fast closing in on 65 billion hands, and Pokerstars is gearing up for some serious celebratory promos. Beginning with hand 64.7 billion, all the way to 65 billion, each player dealt into every one-millionth hand will be awarded a prize.
For each of the 300 milestone hands, in-action players will be awarded $50 plus $50 for every VPP they earned in the preceding 50 hands. The winner of the milestone hands will also have his or her prize money doubled.
When the 65 billionth hand is dealt – an event the company has dubbed the Mega Milestone hand – the calculation will be boosted by a 10x multiplier. The winner will have his or her prize doubled, and will additionally receive an additional $65,000.