NJ Support For Pokerstars Takeover

Poker Players Alliance members are generally in favour of a Pokerstars takeover at Atlantic Club land casino
The Poker Players Alliance action group weighed in on the New Jersey debate surrounding the prospect of a Pokerstars takeover of the ailing Atlantic Club land casino this week by publishing the results of a survey conducted among its members.
The publication New Jersey Online reports that the survey showed strong support for the move by Pokerstars' parent The Rational Group in its bid to win approval for the multi-million dollar acquisition of the Atlantic City land casino.
998 PPA respondents in the survey gave the following opinions:
– 63 percent of those surveyed gave the PokerStars site a perfect “5″ on a scale of 1 to 5.
– 22 percent gave it a 4, while only 3 percent gave it a 1 or a 2.
– 96 percent said PokerStars should be able to buy The Atlantic Club.
– 94 percent said they would visit a casino owned by that company.
– 96 percent said they would like to play on a PokerStars website.
– 95 percent do not agree with the concept that PokerStars is a “bad actor” and therefore should not be licensed in New Jersey.
– Therefore, 94 percent do not support the American Gaming Association's opposition to the Atlantic Club acquisition.