Online poker flourishing in small Baltic nation
The Estonian Tax and Customs Board has issued PokerStars, the world's largest poker site, an activity license in Estonia.
Tomas Larsson, PokerStars’ Baltics country manager, said, "Applying for a licence is always a complicated process and I am therefore very happy that PokerStars has successfully met all the necessary criteria to obtain an activity license in Estonia."
Estonia is one of the smallest EU member states, but poker is flourishing and the country remains one of the most significant new markets for PokerStars, Larsson said.
PokerStars has made significant investments in Estonia during the last few years, contributing to the development of the local sports and cultural life. The company is the main sponsor of the Estonian national volleyball team which last year battled its way to the final tournament of the European Championship.
Operational licence applications have previously been approved in Italy and France for the online poker giant. launched in October 2008, in compliance with Italian law., which was granted a licence in June 2010, permits similar access for French players. Poker is booming in both countries, Larsson noted